Hiatus… etc. Also, hello! For real.

Welcome to my new site!

No seriously, welcome.  Two months is a long time since I launched back in October, I know.  Proper introductions!  My name is Miguel.  I draw. I don’t sing or dance, or do magic tricks. I’m not that interesting.  Also, I’m over 21, and adult life hits you fast, especially when you’re in a field that doesn’t guarantee steady income.  I am currently in graduate school under the humanities (my university does not have a college of arts) which is amazing because I get to combine two things into my degree; entrepreneurship in the arts and developing intellectual vocabulary.

This year has been internally lonely; grad school is both wonderful when meeting like-minded people, but also emotionally isolating when it comes to deeper support and understanding of one’s life purpose.  I did go out more often (which was hard to find time for, mind you) with a couple lack luster dates and bailing out of my offers last minute.  But I did get to see The Room and Loving Vincent at the local theater with some friends. They would have been perfect movie dates, especially The Room. Whatever.  I did get a new sketchbook from my crush, which I will use over the holidays, and I needed a new one, so I’m grateful.

When you’re like me, it’s hard not to take life seriously. I only have a seasonal job with no career prospects whilst still living under my parents’ roof. I sound attractive already.  On that note, I hope things go well for the next year. Doing these blog posts may be therapeutic, and it’s something I’ve been meaning to do since I revamped my website. Actually, I used to run a blog years ago in my undergrad career, with two sections; one as a short story series and the other for personal stuff. Then I attempted a graphic novel based on the “short story.” I gave up after the first semester.  Now, at least I have real incentive to continue writing, alongside my art, and express things freely… that is not a thesis paper.

Anyways, here’s to a new start with my concentrated life purpose. Hope everyone will chill over the break and begin a fresh start as 2018 rolls in. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

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