Disney, Camus, and Grad Life

Greetings!  Hope everyone had a lovely new years (I slept through the first of January I could care less on my end).

Just returned from Orlando with the family. I was glad I saved up for Disney World because it is easy to forget how expensive most things are other than the tickets to the parks.  Is it weird that I brought a copy of The Stranger by Albert Camus with me during breaks? I’m the type of person who needs solace from excitement after wandering around the park for a while, otherwise I get a feeling of depression if I have too much fun. It is a philosophical reminder to myself that even if s*** happens, I should not take the little things for granted, and so on (I’m at a Disney park, so I have to be happy right?). I find it helpful to also take breaks in places with outlets when I am low on phone battery. In a bittersweet way, I was astonished that my favorite YouTube celebrity, Savannah Brown was at the Disney parks as well after discovering her posts on Instagram. Luckily, this was after the trip, or else I would have high anxiety trying to hunt her down, like a total creep.

I had my first day of class first week of January upon returning, and only a third of the class showed up, due to the latter half failing to survive the snowpocalypse.  Why the university allowed the campus to remain open when other colleges closed theirs is beyond me.  Even my professor regretted making it late to class in a half-hour commute. Welcome to my grad life. On a more positive note, I was accepted to a major anime/comic book convention coming up in May so I will be working on new (and better) fan art this spring in advance.  Maybe this will lighten up my broody mood after having plunged into the absurd depths of the existential abyss of Camus.  Hopefully this new year will be full of great opportunities.  I will keep you updated with any new art coming soon!

Hiatus… etc. Also, hello! For real.

Welcome to my new site!

No seriously, welcome.  Two months is a long time since I launched back in October, I know.  Proper introductions!  My name is Miguel.  I draw. I don’t sing or dance, or do magic tricks. I’m not that interesting.  Also, I’m over 21, and adult life hits you fast, especially when you’re in a field that doesn’t guarantee steady income.  I am currently in graduate school under the humanities (my university does not have a college of arts) which is amazing because I get to combine two things into my degree; entrepreneurship in the arts and developing intellectual vocabulary.

This year has been internally lonely; grad school is both wonderful when meeting like-minded people, but also emotionally isolating when it comes to deeper support and understanding of one’s life purpose.  I did go out more often (which was hard to find time for, mind you) with a couple lack luster dates and bailing out of my offers last minute.  But I did get to see The Room and Loving Vincent at the local theater with some friends. They would have been perfect movie dates, especially The Room. Whatever.  I did get a new sketchbook from my crush, which I will use over the holidays, and I needed a new one, so I’m grateful.

When you’re like me, it’s hard not to take life seriously. I only have a seasonal job with no career prospects whilst still living under my parents’ roof. I sound attractive already.  On that note, I hope things go well for the next year. Doing these blog posts may be therapeutic, and it’s something I’ve been meaning to do since I revamped my website. Actually, I used to run a blog years ago in my undergrad career, with two sections; one as a short story series and the other for personal stuff. Then I attempted a graphic novel based on the “short story.” I gave up after the first semester.  Now, at least I have real incentive to continue writing, alongside my art, and express things freely… that is not a thesis paper.

Anyways, here’s to a new start with my concentrated life purpose. Hope everyone will chill over the break and begin a fresh start as 2018 rolls in. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!